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Why We Think WordPress Is The Best

WordPress is the best because it is open-source software, which means that anyone can use it and modify it to fit their needs. It also means that the code is checked for security vulnerabilities, so you can be sure your website is safe from hackers. WordPress is very user-friendly too, making it easy for anyone…

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DIY vs. Professional Website Design: What’s the Difference?

You’ve spent the past few weeks thinking about a WordPress website for your independent consultancy. You might even have thought about investing in a professional website design. The more you reason, the more it becomes clearer that a website is not something you want. It’s something you need. Now your evenings are spent daydreaming about…

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You Have a Professionally Built Website. What Do You Do Now?

Having an online presence and, more so, a website is something you cannot ignore. Most businesses do not have a professionally built website due to fear of the costs of building one. They also feel that websites may be irrelevant to their operations. Regardless of the industry, having a website can significantly impact the success…

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The Top 10 Dangers of “Affordable” Websites

In the competitive world of web development, there is a growing number of self-professed “web designers” who make a living by building “affordable” websites for new business owners. Unfortunately, many budget-conscious new business owners are lured by the prospect of an “affordable” website, and fail to carefully evaluate their web designer. Below are the top…

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32 Website Tips Still Relevant in 2021

Your Website Needs An SSL Certificate If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your site, Google will flag your site as insecure. Even on a “simple brochure website.” The good thing is that most hosting companies work with Let’s Encrypt to provide you with a free SSL certificate to help you protect your…

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