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In the competitive world of web development, there is a growing number of self-professed “web designers” who make a living by building “affordable” websites for new business owners. Unfortunately, many budget-conscious new business owners are lured by the prospect of an “affordable” website, and fail to carefully evaluate their web designer. Below are the top 10 dangers of choosing an “affordable” website for your business.

1) Many “affordable” websites do not rank well with search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most vital elements of the web design process. Novice website developers often lack SEO expertise, which means that your website will likely never appear on the first or second page of key search engines.

2) Visitors are not able to grasp a company’s purpose or mission. Fly-by-night site builders may offer enticingly low prices but they rarely do a thorough job of conveying a company’s purpose or mission.

3) Your brand may not be properly conveyed. Your ability to build a strong industry presence depends in great part upon your company’s brand image on your website. Your web designer should be experienced in the strategic placement of your brand’s logo and mission statement.

4) Prospective customers often never make it to your site. Paying a person to build a website for you – no matter how little you pay – is a waste of money if prospective customers cannot find your website. Inept designers hiding under the guise of affordability usually lack the ability to employ the keywords to attract prospective clients to a new website.

5) Visitors receive no value from their visits to your site. Consumers typically visit a website with the intent of finding a product, a service, or information. Websites that offer little value are often quickly abandoned by visitors who are in search of a company that offers what they need.

6) Economy websites are often not responsive or mobile-friendly. Entrusting the design of your website to a novice can result in a site that is unresponsive and incompatible with mobile devices. Failure to design a website that is compatible with smartphones and tablets will limit visitors’ ability to properly access your website.

7) There is no focus on capturing leads. Startups and small businesses often hire a web designer with the hopes of attracting new customers. Unfortunately, most inexperienced website developers build a minimalist website and devote little thought or attention to capturing leads.

8) The ability to generate sales is limited or nonexistent. Many startups or small businesses depend upon their websites to help increase sales. Sadly, amateur website designers often do not have the experience to create content that will bolster sales.

9) Updates are either nonexistent or are few and far between. Your website will rank better with search engines and be more useful to visitors if you make sure that all content is current and relevant. Designers with little experience typically do not focus on updating websites.

10) The lack of high-quality content may detract from your business. A lack of content or a hodgepodge of poor quality content does more than limit your leads and sales. It can actually drive prospects from your website right into the arms of your local competitor whose website offers more value.

How to Build a Cost-Effective Website That Offers Value and Stimulates Sales

The best way to avoid the perils of a cookie-cutter “brochure” type website is to enlist the guidance of an industry professional. As you evaluate website development companies, you should consider companies that strive to work within your budget and do the following:

  • Help you capture as many new leads as possible
  • Customize a website that is attractive and well-organized
  • Develop high-quality content
  • Create value for customers who visit your site
  • Convert prospects to buying customers

By carefully choosing a results-oriented professional to design your website, you will help ensure that your website becomes one of your best tools to grow your business.

James Bullis

James Bullis

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