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How To Grab People’s Attention On LinkedIn With Emojis

It feels so weird to be talking about Emojis when talking about LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the professional network and people on LinkedIn are all about business. Why would we want to talk about using what are essentially little cartoons on a professional social platform full of businesspeople? Simply put, it’s about grabbing people’s attention. Since…

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How To Set Up A Company Page On LinkedIn To Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

For years, people saw LinkedIn as a great place to put your resume information. Over time, they have come to understand that LinkedIn is all about personal branding. While you do share your experience, you also want to illustrate your path and overall context about how you got to where you are today. As we…

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The Top 9 Mistakes People Make With Their LinkedIn Profile Picture

When it comes to LinkedIn, I would say that your profile picture is one of the most important factors for making new contacts. LinkedIn is all about personal branding and your profile picture is what makes a great first impression. I’ve seen thousands of LinkedIn profiles and there have been many times where I just…

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